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If bricks and mortar aren’t really your thing, we can help you set up your very own food truck. You can be just like us here at The Oven.
From the sourcing of the truck itself to full renovations and power connections (static or mobile), we can build the food truck of your dreams.
It’s important to know the rules and regulations that apply when starting street food or food truck business. We can help you navigate the registration process and assist with organising applicable licenses for your business.
It takes hard work and dedication to get a business off the ground, but if you are passionate about pizza and determined to reach your goals, we’ll be delighted to help.


Whether you and your team have all of the requisite skills to succeed in the mobile catering industry or you’re totally inexperienced, you should make sure you follow this golden rule: make sure concentrate on a small handful of dishes that share a lot of the same ingredients and make them to the very best of your ability.
Serving top-quality food is essential for your success. We can help you plan your menu that will work in the environment you want to create – we will let you know if it’s possible. Stick to this golden rule and you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of success when it comes to your food truck business.
Contact us today to find out more about setting up your food truck.